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Air Flight and Common Carrier Accident Information

For accidental death or dismemberment while boarding, riding or alighting from: a certified passenger aircraft, any land conveyance licensed to transport passengers while travelling immediately prior to or following departure or arrival of your flight or any other public conveyance licensed to convey passengers.

Coverage is in effect for you while a passenger on:

  1. any trip departing from any point or points within Manitoba and destined for a location outside of Manitoba; or
  2. any trip destined to arrive at any point or points in Manitoba from a location outside of Manitoba; or
  3. any trip where both the departure point and the destination are from a location outside of Manitoba.

Principal Amount

The principal amount is $50,000 for you and your spouse, and $10,000 for your covered dependents.

For Loss of Benefit Benefit
Life 100%
Two limbs 100%
Sight of both eyes 100%
One limb and sight in one eye 100%
One limb 50%
Sight in one eye 50%

This benefit is being underwritten by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada.

The information on this page is for reference only. For complete coverage details, please refer to the Terms and Provisions. In the event of any difference between the terms here and those of the Terms and Provisions, the terms of the provisions shall prevail.