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It's a new year
Important benefit reminders

January 8, 2020

It's a new year – and a new decade. And as we move through January, it's just as important as ever to make your health a priority.

Here are some reminders as we start off 2020.

Put your mental health first

January can be a taxing time – the holidays are over, but the cold and dark remain.

For many people with coverage for mental health services, Employee Assistance sessions or psychology benefits refresh at the beginning of the year. Seeking help if you need it is the perfect way to start your 2020 on the right track.

Not sure if you have Employee Assistance coverage? You can view your coverage information at any time in your online mybluecross® account or call 204.786.8880, toll free 1.800.590.5553 or TTY 204.775.0586.

Learn more about our Employee Assistance Program.

Schedule your appointments

This time of year can be busy – but don't neglect your regular appointments!

For many people with dental and extended health coverage, benefit usage resets in January. If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, or if you're due for a physiotherapy session, it's a great time to check your schedule and make plans to prevent problems down the line.

Fulfill your resolutions

Trying to quit smoking in 2020? Wanting to get in better shape? Manitoba Blue Cross members can access discounts on services throughout the country through Blue Advantage.

Among hundreds of other deals, you can find savings on gym memberships and smoking cessation programs. And you qualify for every deal, regardless of your coverage.

Check your HSA

If you have an HSA, it's important to check your coverage to see if you're using it to its fullest potential.

HSA coverage and deadlines vary from plan to plan. For example, those with a HSA that runs January 1 to December 31 sometimes have a Claim Limitation Period (CLP). If your CLP is one month, you'll have until the end of January 2020 to submit claims from 2019.

Through mybluecross®, you can access plan details and applicable HSA information. This includes which kind of HSA plan you may have (On Request or Automatic), how many credits are available to claim and what has already been claimed in the past year.

Members with On Request can apply their HSA credits online towards applicable claims.

Members with Automatic HSA will have HSA claims paid automatically once their minimum trigger is reached or a payment on core benefits is made.

Note: Health expenses must be considered tax deductible by the Canada Revenue Agency to be eligible for claims through your Health Spending Account. For a list of eligible service providers by province, visit the CRA website.

If you are coordinating with another carrier, ensure you submit an explanation of benefits to Manitoba Blue Cross for proper coordination of benefits. There is a particular order to how claims are processed when coordinating benefits through another carrier.

To make the process more convenient, On Request members can upload any EOB statement directly from the On Request page on mybluecross® and we'll process any applicable claims.

You may wish to review all HSA plan deadlines or submit your explanation of benefits as soon as possible to maximize your benefits.

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